Cultural Contact and the Popular

Friday, 14 June 2019, 11am–12:30pm
VMP 8 | Anna Siemsen Lecture Hall

Modalities and performances of the popular enable social communication and encounters across political poles; they pose problems of transfer and translation; they destabilize conventional conceptions of the artistic; and they offer generations the resources to define themselves vis-à-vis their predecessors. As such, the popular creates zones of transaction, which are themselves framed by historically specific media settings. Bringing together commentators and practitioners, who in various ways engage modes of the popular, the panel aims to explore these and related issues. It examines the journalistic and political challenge of cultural mediation, the generational shifts in the context of Higher Education, the public performances of roles and identities, and not least the artifacts of colonial archives and their dissemination.

DGFAImage: Christian Diehl
The Currents Events Panel is moderated by MARCEL HARTWIG, Lecturer and Research Associate in American Studies at the University of Siegen. His research interests lie in the areas of media studies, television studies, literary criticism, gender studies, and popular culture. He is also a regular writer for the music and literature sections of kreuzer. He has authored Die Traumatisierte Nation? “Pearl Harbor” und “9/11” als kulturelle Erinnerungen (transcript 2011), a media and popular cultural analysis of Pearl Harbor and 9/11; he co-edited the reader Media Economies: Perspectives on American Cultural Practices (wvt 2014) as well as a special issue of Rock Music Studies (4.1, 2017). He has published articles in established peer-reviewed academic journals on themes such as knowledge media, hip hop and rock music, Hollywood films, cultural memory, and pop art.

The Panelists

07_Current-Events-Panel–– Katherina BehlingImage: | Katherina Behling
BETTINA GAUS is Political Correspondent and a journalist at die tageszeitung and the author of a number of books, including Die scheinheilige Republik. Das Ende der demokratischen Streitkultur (DVA 2000), Frontberichte. Die Macht der Medien in Zeiten des Krieges (Campus 2004), Auf der Suche nach Amerika. Begegnungen mit einem fremden Land (Eichborn 2008), and Der unterschätzte Kontinent. Reise zur Mittelschicht Afrikas (Eichborn 2011).
07_Current-Events-Panel__Krean-Kramer-1Image: Karen Kramer
KAREN KRAMER, Karen Kramer, a native of California, holds advanced degrees from the Freie Universität Berlin (M.A. in Philosophy, Comparative Literature, and American Studies) and from Stanford University (Ph.D. in German Studies). She has been Director of Stanford University’s Overseas Studies Program in Berlin – The H.G. Will Center – since 1980. Specializations within German Cultural Studies include literature of the German student movement and gender relations in DEFA-film. She has written numerous articles, essays and poems on U.S.-American and German socio-political culture, including (with composer L. Lehrman) a musical on Emma Goldman, E.G. Her books include The Politics of Discourse: Third Thoughts on New Subjectivity (NYU 1993) and Aktualisierung Brechts (Argument 1994). In 2002 she was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande of the Federal Republic of Germany for her contributions to German-U.S. relations and German relations East/West.
Current-Events-Panel__PansyImage: PANSY
PANSY is the stage and internet persona of Parker Tilghman, an artist based in Berlin. While he holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts, she finds that her work functions better in financially accessible night clubs, festivals, public arts institutions, and open educational settings. They view drag as a tool for social justice and focus on promoting the bodies and voices of other female, trans*, and non-binary identified artists. She mixes comedy and camp to discuss heavy topics like HIV, white supremacy, misogyny, mental health, and sexual violence. He believes creating joy is essential to survival in this world. For the last five years, she has hosted the internationally-renowned House of Presents drag show every Tuesday night at Monster Ronson’s in Berlin. Additionally, he organizes talks on sexual health in collaboration with Praxis Cordes and Berliner Aidshilfe. PANSY believes collaboration is key to the future of a sustainable art practice. We must come up together … and throw a cute party while we’re at it.