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**Each seminar room is equipped with a computer, projector and speakers with VGA cables. If you want to use your own laptop, you will need to bring your own VGA adapter.

**Please note that free WiFi access on campus will be available via Eduroam.

As of 5 June 2019 | Download PDF here.

Friday, June 14, 2019 | 2–5pm | VMP 8 (Von-Melle-Park 8 | 20146 Hamburg)

1. Popularization of a Mysterious Other: American Orientalism, Mystic Transcendentalism and Islamic Americanism in American Popular Culture
VMP 8 | Room 105

Organizers  Mahmoud Arghavan | Independent Scholar,  Elena Furlanetto | Duisburg-Essen

  • Verena Laschinger | Erfurt 
    Djinns in America: Queer Fantastic and Muslim Futurism in Netherland (2008), Halal Pork (2011), and American Gods (2017)
  • Mahshid Mayar | Bielefeld 
    The 2X Game: Popular Imaginaries of Muslims in American Video Games
  • Carmen Dexl | Regensburg 
    Staging the “Belly Dancing” Woman in American Popular Culture: Critical Reflections on a Popular Cultural Icon at the Intersection of Orientalism and Transnationalism
  • Zohra Hassan-Pieper | Duisburg-Essen 
    Between the Exotic and the Erotic: World-Making and Orientalism in Craig Thompson’s Habibi (2011)
  • Mahmoud Arghavan | Independent Scholar
    Black Islam and Hip Hop: Poetic Protest, Performance of Spiritual Coolness and Practice of Cool Piety

2. The Big City as the Small Screen: Negotiating Popular Culture’s Scripts of Urbanity
VMP 8 | Room 211

Organizers  Barbara Buchenau, Maria Sulimma | Duisburg-Essen

  • Florian Groß | Hannover
    Televisual Urban Decay and The Creative City: Rescripting “Gritty” New York on The Deuce
  • Juliane Borosch | Duisburg-Essen 
    Changing the Metonymy: Michigan Central Station and the Face of Detroit
  • Stephanie Leigh Batiste | USC Santa Barbara 
    Off Pop: Black Urban Culture and the Possibility of Transformation
  • Amina Grunewald | HU Berlin 
    Vancouver’s Lower East Side as a Space for Indigenous Intervention – Rebecca Belmore’s Street Performance Video Vigil: The Named and the Unnamed
  • Rüdiger Heinze | Braunschweig 
    Alone in the Crowd: Urban Recluses in American Film
  • Lisanna Wiele | Siegen 
    Transgression Inscribed – The City Mysteries’ “Queer” Urbanity

3. 50 Years of Stonewall: The LGBTIQ* Movement and Popular Culture from 1969 to 2019
VMP 8 | Room 208

Organizers: Michael Bucher | Independent Scholar,  Simon Dickel | Essen

  • Björn Klein | FHNW Muttenz
    The Aftermath of the Stonewall Riots – A Transsectional View on Its Media Representations
  • Evangelia Kindinger | HU Berlin
    “We’re all really exactly the same” – Queer Healing and Sentimentality in Netflix’ Queer Eye
  • Ewa Ścibior | Warsaw
    The Legacy of Stonewall in the Literature of the 1970s

4. The Popular Culture of U.S. Settler Colonialism
VMP 8 | Room 106

Organizers  René Dietrich | Mainz,  Jens Temmen | Potsdam

  • Ho’esta Mo’e’hahne | Portland State
    African-Diasporic Hip-Hop and Settler Colonialism in U.S. Pop Culture: “Trap” Music, Indigenous Play, and the Afterlives of the Inter-Imperial “Fur Trades” in North America
  • Abigail Fagan | Connecticut, Hannover
    Jubal Early in Space: The Settler Colonial Hauntings of Joss Whedon’s Firefly
  • Marek Paryz | Warsaw
    Settler Indigenization as Depicted in John Ford’s The Searchers
  • Marianne Kongerslev | Aalborg
    The Ozarks as Wild West: Tribal Traces and Settler Myths in U.S. Popular Culture
  • Alessandra Magrin | Strathclyde
    European Mediations of U.S. Settler Colonial Popular Culture: The Case of Italy’s Dime and Western Novels (1890s–1960s)

5. Insult & Injury: American Comedy as a Platform of Social Critique
VMP 8 | Room 206

Organizers  Lea Espinoza Garrido | Wuppertal,  Linda Heß | Frankfurt

  • Sabrina Völz | Lüneburg
    Overcoming Barriers to Politically-Themed Content in the Sitcom Blackish
  • Katharina Wiedlack | HU Berlin
    The Putin-Trump Punch Line: Political Comedy, Homophobia, and New Cold War Culture
  • Michael Louis Moser | Dresden, Leuven
    Colbert and Meyers: Deviations from Parody News and Network Late Night
  • Nele Sawallisch | Mainz
    National (Dis)Union, Civil Religion, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • Tom Clark | Frankfurt
    The Stand-Up Comedian as Public Intellectual. A Case Study of Doug Stanhope
  • Linda Heß | Frankfurt
    “This is about how we conduct debate in public about sensitive things”: Narratives of Suffering in Tig Notaro’s and Hannah Gadsby’s Standup Routines

6. Images of War: U.S. Popular Culture as Militainment
VMP 8 | Room 205

Organizers  Katharina Gerund | Erlangen-Nürnberg,  Mareike Spychala | Bamberg

  • Stefan Meier | Chemnitz
    “A Little More Grape, Capt. Bragg!!!”: Zachary Taylor and the Myth of the American War Hero in 19th-Century Popular Culture
  • Frank Usbeck | Staatliche Ethnographische Sammlungen Sachsen
    Warrior versus Soldier: Native American Imagery in American Discourses on War and Citizenship
  • David Eisler | Heidelberg
    Marvel’s Black Panther and the Metonymic War Veteran in American Culture
  • Martin Holtz | Greifswald
    The Soldier Group in the Combat Film: Aesthetics and Ideology
  • Tatiana Prorokova | Vienna
    Child Soldiers in Transatlantic Graphic Narratives of War
  • Carsten Junker | Dresden
    Liberty’s Kids‘ Violence and Diversity: The American Revolution as Education and Popular Entertainment

7. Popular Culture(s) in the Classroom
VMP 8 | Room 207

Organizers  Uwe Küchler | Tübingen,  Laurenz Volkmann | Jena

  • Carsten Albers | Halle-Wittenberg
    Charlie Brown, Calvin & Co.: Classic American Comic Strips in the EFL Classroom
  • Nicholas D. Krebs | Passau, Washington State
    Beyond Beats and Rhymes: Teaching Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality through Hip Hop from the Pacific Northwest to Passau
  • Christian Ludwig | Karlsruhe
    Race and Gender Perspectives on Environmental (In-)Justice: Sherri Smith’s Orleans
  • Gabriele Linke | Rostock
    Popular Music and the Alt-Right:  Investigating Right-Wing Appropriations of Popular Culture in the German EFL Classroom
  • Philipp Reisner | Düsseldorf
    Pandering to Youth Culture in the EFL Classroom
  • Riccardo Römhild | Münster
    “Immigrants, We Get the Job Done”: Cultural Learning through Hamilton
  • Clemens Spahr | Mainz
    The Problems of Popularity: Teaching Contemporary Rap Lyrics
  • Gunther Süß | Mittweida
    In Praise of the Short Form: Teaching Media and Cultural History with Contemporary Music Videos by African-American Artists
  • Gesine Wegner | Dresden
    When Literary Classics Meet Pop Culture: (Re)Imagining the American Literary Canon through Comics

8. “This Is America”: Music, Video, and Medial Entanglement in the Popular
VMP 8 | Room 212

Organizers  Martin Lüthe | FU Berlin,  Julius Greve | Oldenburg

  • Nassim Balestrini | Graz
    Visual Archives and Sonic Repertoires in Popular Music Videos; or, How the Carters Framed Mona Lisa
  • Martin Butler | Oldenburg
    Of Shreds, Spoofs, and Musicless Music: Virtuosity 2.0 and the Ethics of Amateurism in Online Parodies of Music Video Clips
  • Evelyn Kreutzer | Northwestern
    A “Global Village Show-and-Tell”: The Evolution of Nam June Paik’s Participation TV
  • Sophie Spieler | Leipzig
    “A Living Visual Translation of Music”: Detroit Techno and Visual Culture
  • Dustin Breitenwischer | FU Berlin
    “Blew his brains on the Basquiat”: The Visual Archive of Contemporary Avant-Garde Rap
  • Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich | Kiel
    #TrapLivesMatter: Towards a Materialist Reading of Trap Music Videos

9. Rightwing POPulism: Remapping Popular Culture in the Age of Trump and the Alt-Right
VMP 8 | Room 008

Organizers  Simon Schleusener, Simon Strick | FU Berlin

  • Julia Roth | Bielefeld
    Pop Songs against Populism? The (Pop) Cultural Dimension of New Feminist Movements (in the Americas)
  • Annelot Prins | FU Berlin
    “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”: The Alt-Right Audiences of Taylor Swift
  • Frank Mehring | Nijmegen
    Sonic State Fantasies: Mapping the Soundtrack of Trump and the Alt-Right
  • Simon Schleusener | FU Berlin
    “You’re Fired!”: Popular Culture and Right-Wing Class Politics
  • Gabriele Dietze | Dartmouth
    The Pussy President. College Wars and Sexual Counterrevolution

10. Temporalities of Popular Culture
VMP 8 | Room 209

Organizers  Birgit Däwes | Flensburg,  Ingrid Gessner | Feldkirch

  • Brigitte Georgi-Findlay | Dresden
    Visions of the Past, Politics of the Present: The Temporalities of Western Series
  • Ralph Poole | Salzburg
    The Future Was Dark: The Alpine Western The Dark Valley as Dystopic Celebration of Transatlantic Popular Culture
  • Florian Wagner | Jena
    Through the Broken Mirror: Hauntology and Lost Futures in Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch”
  • Annabel Friedrichs | Hannover
    Fallen Out of Time: Temporality and True Womanhood in Jessie Willcox Smith’s Illustrations for Women’s Magazines, 1900–1930
  • Christina Meyer | Hamburg
    Time Frames – Framing Time in Comics
  • Johannes C. P. Schmid | Hamburg
    “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”: The Temporality of Internet Memes
  • Christina C. Schuster | Vienna
    “The story never ends”: The Atemporal Nature of Fanfiction
  • Florian Freitag | Mainz
    Lands of Tomorrow: An Archaeology of the Future in Disney Theme Parks
  • Eli Jelly-Schapiro | USC Columbia
    Contemporary Culture and the Temporalities of Capital


Saturday, June 15, 2019 | 9am-12pm | VMP 8

11. Pop Culture Goes Business: Self-Help, Advice, the Motivational Industry, and Positive Psychology
VMP 8 | Room 105

Organizers  Kristina Graaff, Martin Klepper, Simon Rienäcker | HU Berlin

  • Karin Hoepker | Erlangen-Nürnberg
    Emotional Economy, Biomedicalization and Narratives of Managed Selves in Contemporary TV Series
  • Nina Mackert | Erfurt
    “My weight is 110 pounds; do you think I am too fat?” Calorie Counting, Ability, and the Democratization of Expertise in the Interwar Years
  • Julia Sattler | Dortmund
    “Imagine a Sisterhood” – Narratives of Self-Care, Healing and Feminist Activism in WE. A Manifesto for Women Everywhere (2017)
  • Dorothee Schneider | Kiel
    “The only disability in life is a bad attitude”: Inspiration Porn, Positive Thinking, and Dis/ability on Social Media
  • Juliane Strätz | Mannheim
    Helping the “Underutilized” Workforce? Self-Help and the Integration of Neurodivergent People

12. Video Games and the Politics of Popular Culture
VMP 8 | Room 211

Organizers  Nathalie Aghoro | Eichstätt,  Mahshid Mayar | Bielefeld,  Dietmar Meinel | Duisburg-Essen,  Stefan Schubert | Leipzig

  • Randi Gunzenhäuser | Dortmund
    “Playing in the Dark”: Whiteness in Video Games
  • Sascha Pöhlmann | Konstanz
    Ludic Populism and its Unpopular Subversion
  • Naghmeh Esmaeilpour | HU Berlin
    Transmedial Histography in Videogames, Representation of Iran (Iranians) in Games
  • Michael Fuchs and Stefan Rabitsch | Graz
    This is America, where a lying, cheating degenerate can prosper”: Playing Entrepreneur
  • Sören Schoppmeier | FU Berlin
    Once Upon a Time in the Digital West: Red Dead Redemption and the Politics of the Database Western

13. Indigenous Popular Culture in North America
VMP 8 | Room 208

Organizers  Kristina Baudemann | Flensburg,  Svetlana Seibel | Saarland

  • Grace Dillon | Portland State
    Why Indigenous Futurisms Matter
  • Sarah Henzi | Montréal
    Indigenous “WonderWorks”: Alternative Genres, Languages, and Resurgence
  • Moritz Ingwersen | Cologne
    Reclaiming the Popular Landscape: From the Paintings of Kent Monkman to the Music of Jeremy Dutcher and A Tribe Called Red
  • Ruth Gehrmann | Mainz
    “So she would ask me to tell her stories”: Storytelling and Meaning-Making in Cherie Dimaline’s The Marrow Thieves
  • Andrew Erickson | Potsdam
    “Indigenizing” Resistance: Violence in Cameron’s Avatar and the Dreamworld in Le Guin’s The Word for World is Forest and Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber

14. Black Womanhood in Popular Culture
VMP 8 | Room 207

Organizer  Stefanie Schäfer | Erlangen-Nürnberg

  • Marius Henderson | Erlangen-Nürnberg
    “Afrarealism,” the “Black Matrix,” and Dismantlings of Anti-Black Gendered Violence: Perspectives from the Black Took and BQF Collectives
  • Alexandra Hartmann | Paderborn
    Of Nurturers, Organizers, and Strongholds: Portraying Black Womanhood in the Carceral State
  • Nahum Welang | Bergen
    Triple Consciousness: The Reimagination of Black Female Identities in Contemporary American Culture
  • Matthias Klestil | Klagenfurt
    Black Female Veganism: Environmental Justice as Care of the Self
  • Suncica Klaas | Potsdam
    Beyond Becoming? Sally Hemings, Black First Ladyship and Popular Culture

15. Forms, Features, Facets: Genre in American Popular Culture
VMP 8 | Room 206

Organizers  Alexandra Hauke | Passau,  Jiann-Chyng Tu | HU Berlin

  • Maxi Albrecht | FU Berlin
    AMC’s The Walking Dead as Neo-Western and the Perennial Survival Aesthetics of the Frontier
  • Konstantin Butz | Media Arts Cologne
    The Western Shirts of Marty, Jack, and Ennis: A Textile Take on America’s Most Sacred Genre
  • Johanna Heil | Marburg
    Body Revolutions between Art, Labor, and Popular Culture: American Modern Dance as Political Genre
  • Paula von Gleich | Bremen
    Fugitive Narration Held Captive and the Genres of the (Non-)Human
  • Marian Ofori-Amoafo | Bayreuth
    Different Ways of (Not) Being Black: Blaxploitation Meets Post-Soul in I Am Not Sidney Poitier
  • Samira Spatzek | Bremen
    “Now Let’s Rise”: Genres of the Speculative and Social Justice in Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone

16. #Feminism: The Fourth Wave
VMP 8 | Room 205

Organizer  Maria Verena Peters | FernUniversität Hagen

  • Greta Olson | Gießen
    The Affective Politics of Debates about Online Feminism
  • Heike Steinhoff | Bochum
    Beyond Hashtags: The Body Politics of Fourth-Wave Feminism
  • Madita Oeming | Paderborn
    PERFS versus Pervs – The Feminist Porn Wars in the Digital Age
  • Elisabeth Lechner | Vienna
    From #beautybeyondsize to #effyourbeautystandards – Body Positivity and Fourth-Wave Feminism

17. Pop Academics: The Public Intellectual in the American Imagination
VMP 8 | Room 106

Organizers  Rieke Jordan | Frankfurt,  Cord-Heinrich Plinke | USC

  • Rieke Jordan | Frankfurt,  Cord-Heinrich Plinke | USC
    Academia in Pop-Culture? We Have a Question and a Comment
  • Laura Bieger | Harvard, Groningen
    The Photogenic Intellectual. An American Icon
  • Philipp Löffler | Heidelberg
    Public Intellectualism vs. Academic Freedom, Judith Butler vs. Robert Post: Critique, Post-Critique, and the Crisis of the Humanities
  • Mayannah N. Dahlheim | Duisburg-Essen
    Me, Myself, and I: Roxane Gay and the Intersectionality of Black Womanhood in 21st-Century USA
  • Sarah Wasserman | Delaware
    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Academia Twitter

18. Religion and American Popular Culture
VMP 8 | Room 212

Organizers  Sabrina Mittermeier | Independent Scholar,  Michael Hochgeschwender | Munich

  • Lisa Meinecke | Munich
    “I Am Always Watching” – Science Fiction, the Singularity, and A.I. Apotheosis
  • Philipp Reisner | Düsseldorf
    The Popularity of the Afterlife: Death and Resurrection on the Contemporary Stage
  • Clara Reiring | Cologne
    “Lace Reading” and “Physick Recipes”: Wicca and Modern Witches in “Salem Literature”
  • Jennifer Volkmer | Munich
    A Man Went Looking for America and Couldn’t Find It Anywhere – Motorcycle Riding as Modern-Day Pilgrimage

19. Popular Culture and ‘Knowledge from Below’
VMP 8 | Room 008

Organizers  Katharina Motyl | Mannheim,  Katrin Horn | Bayreuth

  • Astrid M. Fellner | Saarland
    Modes of Low Theory: Queer Indigenous Performances and the Transmission of Border Knowledges
  • Bettina Soller | Hannover
    Fan Communities as Archives of Knowledge: Critique, Interpretation and Transformation through Fan Writing
  • Marlon Lieber | Kiel
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Commodity Fetishism (But Were Afraid to Ask Andy Warhol)
  • Felix Brinker | Hannover
    Superhero Blockbusters, Fannish Expertise, and the Popular Culture of Cognitive Capitalism
  • Simone Knewitz | Bonn
    Alt-Knowledge: The Aesthetics of Appropriation and Transgression in Right-Wing Social Media Culture

20. Lyric Poetry as Popular Culture
VMP 8 | Room 209

Organizers  Hannah Schoch | Zürich,  Marcel Hartwig | Siegen

  • Sebastian M. Herrmann | Leipzig
    Meme of Myself: Poetry, Popularity, and the Data-esque Mobility of Whitman’s Line
  • Marleen Knipping | Göttingen
    The Poem’s Voice Returns in this One: Translocal Instapoetics in the Digital Public Sphere
  • Timo Müller | Konstanz
    Methamphetamine Lyrics: Lyricism as Substance and the Aesthetics of Hip Hop
  • Sonya Isaak | Heidelberg
    Creating American Literary Legacy:  An Analysis of Bob Dylan’s Folk-Rock Lyricism
  • Stefan Benz | Mannheim
    “A Plague on both Your Houses”: Queer Jewish Experience Through the Joined Lenses of High and Pop Culture in Ezra Furman’s Transangelic Exodus (2018)
  • Harald Zapf | Erlangen-Nürnberg
    (Un-)Popular Theories of Lyric Poetry and the Popularity of Lyrics and the Lyric